Sakura - AVAILABLE (see "what's available" for details)

Sakura – AVAILABLE (see “what’s available” for details)

This egg came from watching an absolute ton of Face Off.  The very first foundation challenge they did in episode one was to create a makeup based on items found at a party.  I didn’t have a party handy so I just went outside with a sandwich bag to see what I could find.  The twig was the result of that, and so this egg formed around it.  It’s a jumbo egg (it’s about 2.5″ high) and the twig is affixed to it (it’s glued in place.) There’s 3 kinds of beads in 3 sizes on it, and the interior is a pale blue.  It doesn’t need a stand since the roots sculpted at the base hold it up.  The whole thing is finished in a matte finish (the beads are matte as well) and the petals in the twig flowers are iridescent and flash between pink, white and green.

There’s extensive info about the creation of this one on the process blog here and here.

I have a few photos from other angles as well:

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If you’re interested in it, it’s $250USD plus shipping.  You can fill out the following form, or if you prefer, grab it from the etsy shop here.

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