Fortune Presents Gifts Not According to the Book.



This egg is named after a song by Dead Can Dance. I’m fairly sure I had  made it not long after I had been taken to see the band for my birthday (wonderful birthday gift. I highly recommend giving DCD for birthdays. They’re brilliant live.) The pictures never do these eggs justice, but it’s covered in an array of autumn and flame tones., highlighted in black. I think it was an extra large egg, as it seems too big in my hand to be a large.  These photos are unfiltered and unedited other than cropping.

The gold is metallic, and the interior is yellow, gold and orange. It comes with its own stand, though you might want to get a fancier stand for it, as it’s very eye catching. There’s obviously only one of them, and it can be had for $125 plus shipping. I am very fond of this one, really. It’s very, very pretty.  I highly recommend staring at it whilst listening to Dead Can Dance. It all makes so much more sense after that.

If you’re interested in giving it a home, please fill out this form:


Some process shots:





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