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It all started with that Blaqk Audio concert. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

My original plan after doing what seemed like umptyteen portraits in a row was to work on an egg design that’s been in my head since last year. But that design is complex and beaded and would take a while, and I also really wanted to put some new stuff up for sale that was faster to create, and less expensive, since the beaded ones take forever, and aren’t.

So then I was going to do some swirls, which to be fair, I haven’t done in ages and ages, but always do well, and I could bang out a bunch of them in rapid succession.

And then I went to go see Blaqk Audio on World Goth Day, which was the first WGD in YEARS I wasn’t working my ass off myself, and having then seen the greatest cover of Erasure’s A Little Respect, was trying to find out if someone had filmed it and put it on youtube so I could show…well, everyone, because holy shit guys, that cover was amaaaaaaaazing.

That led to my making some of my own concert videos visible on youtube (I usually keep them hidden) and I wound up finding a bunch of videos from a VNV Nation show at the Bowery Ballroom that I was at in 2014. I filmed that night too, as happens, but I was up against the stage, so I never had a view of the crowd behind me, which was really cool to see. Someone had filmed most of that night from the balcony, stage right, which meant that at some point I realized that I could see myself in the crowd against the stage, stage left. That’s a surreal moment, seriously. Im just watching along and Im like “well damn, my hair is bright….”

I got to see some stuff I hadn’t filmed myself (I didn’t film the whole show, just a few tracks to send to Lee and Pie, really) and thoroughly enjoyed rewatching it all. At some point, I got to watch Electronaut. And you know what? I’ll link the video here, because then YOU can watch it too. (and thanks to 49metal, whomever you are, for filming this.)


I am rather definitely in that crowd. But more importantly, about 2:40 this wonderful lightshow starts, all teal and silver and black with a bunch of binary code. I have no idea what it says, though I’m sure Ronan and Mark do. That got me thinking about how to abstract that idea.

Which led me to this egg. The holes on the bottom are all the people in the crowd, the wave is the music, the lights are… well, the lights, and the carved bit at the top says “ELECTRONAUT” in binary.

And that’s how we got here.

The interior is teal, the highlight color is silver, and the egg alternates between a black glitter matte and a duochrome gradient teal/blue/purple. Though the egg isn’t particularly oversized, I think it’s technically a jumbo. Might be an XL. The stand is duochrome teal with black and silver highlighting.

And it’s not a commission, which means if you want it, you can take it home for $100 plus shipping, unless you’re IN VNV Nation, in which case, just message me.

I will probably be doing some swirls before I settle in to do the phoenix egg I really want to get into, so if there’s any color combos you really want to see, let me know! Also Im going to be updating my lightbox again, because Im *still* frustrated with how my photos come out. Ugh I do so much better shooting buildings.

Here’s some other angles on this one:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you like this one! I already have my ticket to see VNV Nation in October (which I got at face price, no thanks to the crazy scalper nonsense that was going on. WTF, seriously.) Also, if you get a chance to see VNV Nation or Blaqk Audio in concert, you should take it. They both put on great shows.





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