A Caustic Solution.


I had been listening to a lot of Caustic.  Ok I always listen to a lot of Caustic, but still, that’s how this one came to be.  I made two eggs. This one and a blue one, that I sent to Matt Fanale (aka, Caustic.) As far as I know, it’s still living in his house(Matt- if it isn’t, don’t tell me. That thing was a pain in the ass to make.)  But I am fairly sure I did this one first. It’s red and black with silver accents.  The interior is a pale red.  I think this one is a large egg. It might be an extra large but if so it’s a small one. Obviously, it’s one of a kind (just like Matt.  Or you!)

Some additional angles:

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If you want to take home a bit of industrial madness, it’s $100 plus shipping.  Use yon form or grab it on Etsy. (Also, buy things from Matt, too.).



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