I have done a lot of charity work over the years. I mean, a lot.  I’ve helped raise money for charities large and small all over the world. All different kinds.  While I’m happy to do all of that, and will continue to do so, every so often people have asked me what *my* favorite charities are. Me, personally.

The answer is always, 100% of the time, animal charities.

So a close friend suggested I create a way to incorporate that into my eggs.  So I have.  Basically, I can carve any animal print onto an egg, and then you can choose any options you like.  I can even paint it to resemble the colors of your own pet.  20% of all proceeds will go to animal/wildlife charities, and I will happily provide proof of donation.  Do you have an animal charity you’d prefer your donation to go to? Tell me, and I’ll give  it to them.  Anywhere in the world, as long as they take online donations. Not sure? I’ll find one.

The only real rule is that the only carving on the egg will be the paw.  (this allows me to carve them quickly.)   I can make them into ornaments for an extra $10, if you want something to hang on a tree.  I can even make it into an egglace.  Just fill out an order with whatever you want here.

Together, we can give a little bit more to help the animals we love so much.

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