Even Legends Start Small.


Isn’t he cute? One wee eldritch horror, now ready.  I finished it last night whilst binge watching an absolute ton of Face-Off(and if you don’t watch it, you probably should. It’s freaking incredible and makes me totally not miss design school at all. I remember those kinds of deadlines. Weekly. For years. Yeah, I don’t miss it.)

He really didn’t want to be painted. It took four tries to get a paint job on him I was happy with.  Seriously, at one point I repainted it white and started over. No muddy paint jobs for this tentacle monster. The interior of the egg is a lilac purple, and the exterior is a matte, lightly crackled finish of purples, greens, silver and black.  The tentacles are glossy (because all good tentacles should be) in green with green and silver beads for suckers.

People are often confused about the scale of these things. I do tell people that they’re small but without some object to use to scale them it’s difficult to understand. That happened this week when a friend of mine thought it was an ostrich egg on Instagram.  So I shot another process photo  to show scale.

This probably helps.

The new light box is still a work in progress. I think it needs more and better lights. These photos were a bitch to shoot and I am *still* not loving that plain white background (sorry, I know, I know it looks bright and clean but I hate it.) But I got shots of the wee critter at all angles:

This egg isn’t sold yet (I don’t expect it to last too long, though) and I already have my next idea (I blame Face-Off for that one too) but I really want to get another skull egg to work (they’re WAY harder to carve than you think. That mouth is a killer.)  But I have to blow out some blanks first. Which I’ll do today.

Speaking of instagram I put a widget over in the side bar, as I tend to post more process shots there as I go.  Feel free to add it but be warned I also use it for random photos of my cats, NYC, random goth stuff, and stupid things I do with my hair(so many victory rolls. so many.)


I had an idea.  Let’s see how this works.IMAG0656IMAG0658

One Froggy Evening.



Finally. It’s finished.  It took four tries and a full, full time week to get it done (really. I did nothing but add beads to this egg all week.)  This one was a commission, and is definitely my most complex bead work to date. The interior of the egg is teal, and there’s five kinds of beads in use, varying in size from 11/0 to 15/0, plus the two large teal rhinestones for the eyes.    It’s done in purples, teals, silver and black.  Hopefully I can get it in the mail on Monday.

Also, I created a DIY light box to help with photos. I still need to work on best settings, but the box itself is done.

Here’s some more finished shots:


Beads that last forever.

I know I haven’t updated in a few days.  That’s because I’ve done nothing but add one bead at a time to the back of an egg with a pair of tweezers and a toothpick.  I did the back side of One Froggy Evening first.  But it took days, due to how all the beads were placed.  These beads are a mix of 15/0 and 13/0 and are silver, black and a purple and blue violet duochrome mix, with an occasional shot of a lilac/teal duo. This shot from my camera turns all of it blue, but it’s rather definitely purple.  The egg itself has a teal interior, a black base, and purple, teal, silver, and teal iridescent flash.  But I still have to do the whole other side, which I REALLY hope goes a little faster, since this egg is a commission and I’d like to get it out of here.



Summer shells.

One of the weird fun facts you learn about eggs when you work with them is that not all seasons are created equal.  Egg shells are thinner in warm weather, and so you get way more breakage when carving in summer months.

I’ve broken five eggs in the past three days, four of them just today.

IMAG0575 IMAG0571

These are two different eggs.  In the end I did get one to hang together long enough to put it into the bleach. I’ll see how well it does once it gets out.

Unfortunately, one of the skull eggs went under as well.


I can remake this one though. I just blew out two more egg blanks so I can work on it tomorrow.  It is very frustrating, though. I was out with a *really* bad migraine for two days, so to lose so many eggs the first day I could get back to it was upsetting.

In other news, I just ordered some cool stickers for packaging purposes and I have new logos and such courtesy of Cruel Britannia <3.  The stickers will be a few weeks before they arrive, though.  They are nifty, though.

I’ll be working on a DIY light box for photography purposes starting tonight.  Should be a fun project.  I never like how my photos come out so hopefully this will help.

Busy, busy, busy.

DSC_6173 DSCN1135

Everyday is Halloween - not for sale.

Everyday is Halloween – not for sale.


Ive been cranking out a lot of new stuff lately, so fast that I haven’t done many process posts.  The beads finally came in for Here Be Dragons, so I spent most of the weekend on that. It took about 20 hours of beading time. What’s hard to tell is that the average size of the beads is a poppy seed, and each has to be applied by hand individually.  But the results are worth it, even though it makes the egg strangely bottom heavy in the end.

I also finished up Everyday is Halloween. It isn’t for sale, but if you want a similar one, just ask me.

I managed to finish up one of the two skull eggs I had designed.  This one had a flaw in it that I repaired so it’s not visible, but I decided not to bother beading it and let it go at a steep discount due to the flaw (it may be fixed, but the discount was honest.) It sold very quickly, as I expected.  The other one will be coming soon, but first I have to work out a second attempt (the first one broke) on a commission I’m tentatively calling “One Froggy Evening” (and thank you, Chuck Jones.) The second skull will get done after that, but I need to clear this commission first.  The etsy store opened as well, though it’s not really any different than here. People seem to like the convenience of it, though.  I’ll be headed back to the bead store on Monday to grab some stuff for a totally different project, but that won’t get going until after the frog egg is done, either.


Working on Grim Fandango.

Work in progress, as I’m still waiting for the last of the beads  to arrive for me to finish Here Be Dragons.  At the same time, I’m also carving up a new egg on commission right now, which should be all carved tomorrow.  In other news, I got my first sale on etsy today, which was really cool (hey I still have more eggs there- go buy them!)

Everyday is Halloween.


For the past seven years, Ive ended every DJ set with the same song.  I have a ton of cover versions of it(I actually rarely play the Ministry original.) It was only a matter of time before I made an egg for it.  These beads are *so small*, about the size of roe.  Literally.


This one also has a special surprise when you turn out the lights.  The moon glows (brightly) in the dark.


Here’s the rest of it.  It’s not for sale- but if you want a similar theme, just send me a note.

IMAG0524  IMAG0526 IMAG0527


In other news I have a new Etsy store.  Frankly it’s no different than ordering from me directly, but people seem to like Etsy, so.

Lots of new work.

I’ve been busy.

This one needs beads.  Beads haven’t arrived yet.  But they’re coming.   It will be called Here Be Dragons when it’s done.  Soon as the beads show up, I’ll finish it up.

I started working on another one in the meantime:

which became this:

This one isn’t quite finished either.  The moon bit needed glow in the dark paint, which is drying now.  In any case this one is called Everyday is Halloween (and it’s not for sale.)  If you want one that’s similar, drop me an email about it, but this specific one is not up for grabs.

While that’s drying, I’m now working on these:


The one on the left (the one that’s been carved and bleached already) will be available at a discount. It has a flaw in it that Ive repaired and probably won’t be visible, but still.  I should get the other one carved out today.

Want one? Let me know!


New work in progress.


This one just went into the bleach. I hope it holds up.  It’s not perfect, but once it’s out of the bleach it will be easier to see what’s going on with it. It’s really, really pretty, if it only holds up through the bleach and dye process.

Queen of Argyll.

Photos don’t do it justice. Honestly.  These are VERY small beads.  For details, read here.


Those beads are much smaller than you think.  They’re 15/0 seed beads, about the size of caviar.  This may be the nicest one I’ve ever done, to be honest.

IMAG0463 IMAG0462 IMAG0461 IMAG0465 IMAG0464

Shake Your Lovemaker.

Shake Your Lovemaker.


It’s finally done. Those beads are far smaller than you think they are. Theyre 15/0 seed beads, about the size of caviar.  It’s just a VERY close up photo.  The egg is red and gold with a gold interior and gold and black beading.  Mostly it’s a burlesque costume in egg shaped format, which is what it was designed to be. It’s already sold though- was sold ages and ages ago.

Starting to paint.


Started to paint this one. Of course realized after I started that I am entirely out of gloss sealant.  I have matte. I have satin.  And though I really could swear that I have a wee little can of high gloss, I definitely can’t find it (and Ive looked at least three times.).


That’s going to be a problem since I can’t go any farther on this until I have time- I can’t do paint layers without it.  *sigh.*

I have another egg that’s now out of the bleach as well.


If anyone wants this one (so they can tell me what colors it should be) let me know asap.  Otherwise Im just gonna wing it.


Back at it.


After I lost a full week to being so sick (at *exactly* the wrong time of year.) I had to frantically try to make up the week I missed to prepare for World Goth Fair, which opened on the 15th. I made it with ten minutes before my deadline, but I made it.  The first week of WGF leading in to World Goth Day is brutal, and after WGD was over, I took a couple days to catch up on sleep.  But I started remaking that Shake Your Lovemaker egg this morning.  In addition, I started two others as well.



This one has a working title (which will likely change as usual) of The Corseted Woman.   I’ll see how it goes.


The third one I drew out but haven’t started carving yet. I’ll start in on it tomorrow. I was getting a little too tired to be carving.



Im not sure where this one is going yet. I’ll see how it goes. But in any case, egg production is back in full force again.

This is why you don’t get sick, do drugs, and dye.




I’ve been sick. Really, really sick.  On Tuesday morning I had a fever of 102F.  (38.8C) But I was trying to get stuff done because I really wanted to get this finished. I put it in the dye and took some medication.

Of course I passed right out(oops) and woke up four hours later to find a disintegrated egg in the dye bath.  I have to start over. Fortunately that'[s not a problem.  Back to the beginning. Also, I still have four eggs available in the egglery.  Go buy one.  Seriously- the four days Ive been sick has put me without doing any work for four days and I’d like to pay rent and stuff.  I’ll start the replacement tonight.

Out of the bleach (and into the dye)

I finished up the last of the carving and then tossed it (gently) into a bleach bath to get rid of the inner membrane.  It’s sitting in a dye bath now.  It’s going to need a little work on one spot on the bottom but otherwise it’s just fine.

More fans. (carved into the egg, I mean.)

Today I worked a bit on the last side of the egg.  Normally I would just finish it up in one shot but this time of year is difficult to work on anything for very long due to World Goth Fair. But this one should be ready for the bleach tomorrow. I did find trim that I can buy by the yard. I only need about 3 inches but a yard is better than 6 yards.  I’ll get that ordered this weekend.

I changed the title (predictably).

I decided to call it Shake Your Lovemaker.  I still have one more set of fans (which is what those figures are) to do, and then I can start the rest of the process while I try to find about 3 inches of tassel trim.  I just dont want to have to buy a ton of it- I really need about 3″.)

Working title: Burley Girl.

(it’s already sold, guys.  They’ve been waiting for it FOREVER.)

Ive gone through at least six or seven eggs getting this one to work.

Updates to the website.

Oh boy do I hate web work. I always did, and I always will.  Always. If I never have to work on a website again it would be too soon. That said, I *think* everything is up to date now.  I have four eggs available currently (please buy them?)  You can look at all the eggs now from the egglery, too.

Out with the old…

About time I came back to this.

I have four completed eggs that have been sitting here Im going to put up for sale. I’m also working on some commissioned stuff (some of which Ive been trying to finish for absolute ages.) Once those are off my plate, I’ll take new commissions again.

Repetition reinforces learning.

I am often asked “But don’t they break?” 

They do break.    Sometimes the same design breaks repeatedly.  There gets to be a point where you realize it’s not your hands and it’s not the egg, it’s the design.  Some designs simply refuse to materialize in one piece no matter how often you make the attempt.

Since the new year I’ve been struggling with the same egg.  I’m now on attempt #6.  I”ve figured out that “it’s the design, stupid.” and will be modifying it for this time out.    As a design exercise, this is great.  As an artistic exercise, it is to be expected. However, as someone who would just like to pay the damned phone bill, it’s very frustrating.

I admit, attempt #5 was pretty impressive in terms of the precision in which it broke. this photo is not staged- this happened the very moment I set the egg down.