Basic Patterns are now online!

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The photos took me some time to edit, but now all three basic patterns are available both on the etsy store (where I included the stand because etsy is kind of a pain in the ass to customize that way)  and right here on the custom order form (where you can leave the stand off if you want.)

I can turn these around very quickly, so they’re perfect for gifts for all kinds of special occasions. As a reminder, these come in at $55 (including the stand, $50 without) so they’re way more affordable than the really elaborate ones. A perfect way to start a collection!


Basic pattern set 1.

So, I’d been getting some feedback recently from people who really liked and wanted an egg (or many eggs) but just couldn’t make the price point on the ones that are truly custom. To be fair, I can understand that, just as they totally understand that the prices are based on how long they actually take me to make – there’s only so fast I can go, especially when they get really complicated.

At that point, I tried to think of a way to create a line that could come in at a lower price point in order to meet that need.  I have a couple of sets like this (there’s an animal one that I’ll be talking about very soon.) but I wanted to give the heads up on this idea first.

I’ve come up with three patterns that I can do quickly, regardless of what colors people want (except black interiors. Black interiors will ALWAYS take me longer because that is how science works.) Because I can bang these designs out fast, I can offer them at a lower price point than a truly custom egg.  I have the sketchwork done on all three designs (I’ll carve them out as samples tonight) but just to give a basic idea, here’s what they are.  These are raw images just out of the box so you can see.

  1.  The flower top.


In this design you have four “petals” covering the top of the egg. I can carve the “middle ring” like it is sketched here or leave that solid.  Doesn’t matter.  The bottom part of the egg is uncarved and can be painted.

2.  The single swirl.


This is essentially the same pattern I used for “Arrakis”, only without the themed paint job.   It’s a single spiral around the egg from top to bottom.  The rest of the egg is painted.

3.  Candy stripe.


This is the same pattern I used for the Pulse egg, just without the painstaking paint job (that rainbow gradient was challenging.)  It’s two parallel swirls that go from top to bottom.

I’ve made some eggs like this in the past.  Here’s some examples:



But I can make them much more quickly now than I did years ago, so it’s possible to drop the price on these specific patterns.

Here’s how it works:  though my regular prices for themed, beaded and most especially, photographic eggs will remain as they are, these *specific* patterns will be available at $50- each, plus $5 for the stand (stands aren’t included for these specific patterns automatically) and shipping (which is you know, shipping. Also, tax if you’re in New York State) If you want all three as a set, they’re $130, not including stands ($10 for 3 stands, though, so you save there too.)

You get to choose:

  1. Which pattern you want.
  2. Your interior color (one color. Black is ALWAYS $10 extra, because black is a PITA to create.)
  3.  Your exterior colors (max of 3, please. Yes, you can choose metallic colors.  That’s fine.)
  4. Your choice of matte or gloss finishes.

The turnaround time on these should be about 36 hours, tops, so they’re good for gifts.  Yes, if you order a set you can pick different colors for each one. That’s fine. The key for me is that the patterns and paint jobs are things I can turn around quickly.

I’ll get the order form on etsy very soon, but if you want to jump on this (and I hope people jump on it, really) you can fill out one of the customization order forms, email me directly at or just poke me on twitter @eggrotech.

I will have animal patterns coming out in this same idea in a couple days. In the meantime- go get some of these!



Dolphin Dreams


Dolphin Dreams – SOLD


A few weeks ago I was asked if I could do another sports themed egg.  Different sport this time, and a slightly different kind of design.  What I was asked to make as a birthday gift for someone’s mom was an egg featuring a specific version of the Miami Dolphins logo, along with an entire beaded section on the back for Dan Marino’s number (along with a lightly customized base.)

The Dolphins have changed their logo a few times. The one they’re using these days is much more graphically simplified than the one I was asked about.  The biggest hassle with this was painting the tiny little orange rays around the “sun” on the front side.  Since the dolphin itself bisects the circle, the carved part isn’t creating a peninsula, and is therefore much more structurally sound than some of the previous things I’ve been asked to carve.  I basically carved the negative space between the “sun” and the dolphin out and left the interior white as it would be on a 2d surface.

But that meant that carving the back side was not going to be a good idea, as that visual trick relies on a solid color on the inside of the egg.  In this case, part of it would be a solid surface and part would be missing.  So a choice had to be made as to which side of the egg would get carved and which would be left whole.  It was eventually decided to bead the entire back side of the egg instead.

There are some unavoidable problems with this, and they’re worth mentioning. First of all, even if beads are technically all the same size… they’re not all the same size.  In most circumstances that’s not meaningful, but at this scale those differences matter, and they can throw off an entire design.  Some of the “blank spots” were filled in with modeling compound and a little paint and glue, but it’s an imperfect solution (though not immediately visible at normal viewing distances. Because of these small differences, the 3 is actually one row shorter on top than it is on the bottom- again, not really meaningful and you don’t easily notice unless you know it’s there. If I had extended it up one more row, it would have been taller than the 1, and keeping the numbers of uniform size was important. At the same time, raising the height of the 1 one more row throws it off in relation to the “point” on the 1, which by that time was already set in glue and dry.  So this was the compromise position.

The other inherent issue is that it makes one side of the egg much heavier than the other side. This doesn’t matter much in terms of creating it, but it’s important when it’s displayed that it’s set properly in the stand so it doesn’t slip.  In fact, a tiny piece of non-skid rubber (like a bit of one of those rubber “jar openers”) placed IN the stand wouldn’t be a bad idea either so it doesn’t slide.

Although I did take my usual six shots of this one, the sides. top and bottom are all just a plain, uncarved orange, so I’ll just show the back unless someone really wants to see the rest of it . (let me know.)


It’s good to know that all of these beads are REALLY TINY and were placed by hand with tweezers, a toothpick and a needle and thread.

If you want to commission an egg of your own, just go here and do that! (please. do that.) and there’s 11 eggs on the etsy store you can get right now, too (buy those!)

This clears my commission plate, so send some my way!

When good things go wrong.

One of the things I try to teach people about designing anything is that you cant allow yourself to become so close to an idea that you can’t toss it if it just doesn’t work.  So here’s an example, and it shows why you have to just be able to rip it out and do it again.


Im halfway through another sports themed egg.  The front is already done, but the back is a big beaded section with a number on it. I spent 13 full hours on it yesterday and finally got it to here:



Looks fine, right?  Yeah I thought so too, until I looked at it from some other angles.


My first sign something was wrong was looking at it from the bottom.  It’s off center.  Notice how the design on the bottom part of the egg is offset from that on the top by about 5 degrees. Instead of the lowest row being straight up from the hole, it’s offset to the left. Well, maybe it’s not that noticeable, right? Let’s check the sides.



Uh oh.  That’s a problem.  Im almost afraid to look at the top.



Oh, ew.

By this point all I wanted was to go to sleep.  Two people assured me it wasnt worth fixing.  I was in bed for ten minutes already, half awake and not wanting to throw away a full day of work.

I got up, went back to it, pulled off every last bead, and went to bed.

This morning, I redrew the back side, repainting the frame position and redrawing the numbers.

This is the top view now.




It isn’t precisely perfect, but with beads on it won’t matter. it will still line up perfectly.  the numbers are centered now, too.


So I lost 13 hours of work, but when this one is done, it will be right.  Do the work do it right, and do it again if you have to.  Always. It will show in the finished product.

As for me, back to the beads.

Done and done.

Just a quickie this morning, but finally, ebay and paypal have finally released and sent the Pulse egg donation to Equality Florida.  Why it takes this long is a mystery.



Thank you to everyone who boosted it, and of course to the generous buyer.

Next thing I have cooking is a sports related commission which I’ll start working on this week. Stay tuned.




Branching out.

So a couple weeks ago i was working on another skull egg.  I was making it a bit more three dimensional than my previous ones, more sculptural and less like the calaveras I’ve done in the past. At some point I started wondering if people would like a more functional product to come out of the eggs. so I decided to see if I could work out how to make the skull into a necklace.

This was the result:

So obviously this one is a bit large (it’s a jumbo egg.), which doesn’t bother me, but might be too big for some people to feel comfortable wearing.  I wore it out to a concert on Saturday night, and it didn’t survive the night, but not because of a construction or design flaw- it was that I got a bear hug from Scott Fox, the frontman for iVardensphere, and the egg got crushed against my chest.   However, the front part where the skull is was (and is) still entirely intact, which tells me what I need to do to reinforce the back side so that it will be largely crushproof. However, just to be safe, I don’t guarantee safety against bear hugs from Canadian industrial musicians. Just so we’re clear.

Really, it was worth losing the necklace, but it was super instructive as to how the back needs to be reinforced in order to hold the necklace together.

Since I did manage to get it to work, Im offering the skull necklaces for sale on a custom order basis. starting at a base price of $50.  They do have a lot of potential options to them so they need their own order form.  As of right now Im just going to offer them here, and I’ll get to figuring out how to do them through etsy in a bit. (ETA: I have them up on Etsy also.) All you have to do is fill out this form, and I’ll email you with any questions and you can pay for them through paypal. I have fi ve sizes of egg available, and you get your choice of wire, fittings, bead and interior egg colors as well.

I really hope (more than you know) a bunch of people will snatch these up. They really do look great and each one is hand made.

Pulse Egg Update (and other stuff.)

pulseegg 2b

A Pulse of Memory sold officially on Sunday morning.  As the sale was through ebay, they will automatically give 100% of the proceeds to Equality Florida as soon as they release the funds. It was bought by someone in the UK, and it ships out tomorrow, provided my post office doesn’t screw up the pickup.

I want to thank everyone who boosted this, retweeted, regrammed, posted about, whatevered to try to get people to see this.  Over this past weekend, which was Pride weekend in many locations, including NYC and London, it was retweeted most kindly by Sam Barnett, who plays Renfield on Penny Dreadful.



(also he seems a very, very nice person.  So thank you again! So kind of you.)

I know the news is fixated right now on other things, but those folks in FL still do need help, so thank you to everyone who participated in this (especially the winner!)

I’ve been working on a sculpted egg since this egg finished, but Im going to start working on another Dune egg at the same time, because sculpted eggs take longer than just carving alone. But in the interests of showing progress, this is the sculpted one I have in process now:




Obviously it has a ways to go, but the sculpted bits will be really good for keeping the egg stable under carving stress. The back side has roses on it. But I think Im going to whip up another Dune egg real quick so it’s ready for the weekend.

As always, feel free to go check out the egglery and the etsy store, and buy things!  All the things!