Order a skull egglace!


If you’d like to order a skull egglace, here’s where you can do it. As soon as I get your order I can email you with a total and the paypal address to send it to. Shipping to anywhere in the US is $10.  If you live outside the US, I need to figure out how much it will be. Obviously it depends on where you are.

Prices vary with options. The biggest indicator is really egg size. The quail egg necklaces (which are quite small) with ordinary bead choices are $50, plus shipping.  For each egg size, add $15USD.  If you’d like a more versatile egg, order it one size longer than you plan to wear it- the necklace is on wires, it’s very easy to make it appear shorter by simply doubling over a bit at the back near the clasp.  The wires will hold the new shape/length in place.  These eggs are not guaranteed to survive bear hugs by Canadian industrial musicians. Im just saying. Turnaround time is about a week, mostly for drying issues.

A note about egg sizes:

Quail eggs are about the size of a grape tomato.  They’re really small. Perhaps a quarter the size of a large chicken egg.  However, someone already did this comparison on youtube, so here it is:

I took a photo in the market myself comparing a quail egg box to a box of jumbo eggs:




Unfortunately, when you try to look up egg sizes, they give them to you by weight, not diameter or length, because they expect you to care about the contents, not the shell.  However, Faith Durand of Kitchn took exactly the photo I would have needed to take anyway.  Go look at it.

Jumbo eggs, which are the largest size, are about 2.75-3″ in total length, and obviously, their diameter varies. The one I have sitting closest to me is 5″ around.  It’s big.  Like, statement size big. Everything else goes down from there, but it’s important to know that diameter doesn’t  change very much on chicken eggs. The large size I have on my desk is significantly shorter, at about 2″, but the diameter is still about the same as the jumbo egg. Just a thing to be aware of.

As to necklace length:  This isn’t an exact science and sort of depends on how big the egg is in the first place.  But basically take your rough neck measurement and add 2″ for a choker,  5″ for “short” , 8″ for “medium” and  12″ for “long”.  Again, these are approximate. The distance on everyone from the hollow of your neck to your breastbone is going to be different. These measurements are based on me, and I’m really short.  But the good news is, the necklace is on wires, and will easily bend to a shorter position (which is really great if you have long hair, as no one will ever know you’ve shortened it.

But consider it this way. “long” is meant to hit the top of your cleavage, if you’re a woman, or the top of the breastbone if you’re a man.  Everyone knows what a choker is.  Short is meant to hit a bit below the collarbone, and medium is in between short and long (obviously.)  The measurements are all approximate, but adjusting the necklace is very easy, so you have a lot of leeway.

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