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At the end of the day, Eggrotech eggs are collectibles.  Everyone knows how that works. It becomes sort of like potato chips- it’s very hard to just eat one.  Several people have been collecting them for years, and it occurred to me a few days ago- why not start a collector’s club?  I have a few ideas for how this would work for the future, but the idea I want to release today is this one:

For every four eggs you collect, you get a fifth, free.  And the more eggs you have, the more elaborate the fifth one is.  The only thing you need to pay on the fifth one is shipping.  (which is generally 10 dollars in the US, and I have to calculate it if youre outside the US)

Here’s how it works:

egg 4:  basic pattern (your choice of colors)
egg 8:  custom pattern/theme
egg 12:  egglace  (it doesn’t have to be a skull, it can be anything, though I will do skulls, obviously)
egg 16  sculpts, including custom stands
egg 20 and beyond – beads.

The one thing I WONT do for free is paint from photos, because that’s literally my whole life for weeks at a time and I don’t have the ability to do anything else.

So if you have, say, 8 eggs now? You have two free eggs available to you!  Just get in touch with me (via whatever means you want, though works fine) and set those up.

You do not have to buy all four eggs at once (that’s ridiculous.) You do not have to have bought them specifically for yourself.  You just have to have gotten four and your next egg is on me.

In the near future, Im going to develop collector’s club exclusives too, but I wanted to get this one out to everyone today.

So join the collectors club and feed your eggdiction!

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