About me.

Really?  I don’t want to talk about me.  But I know that if I leave this page out, people will just keep asking me to add it.

Here’s the self identifying twaddle:

-Carbon Based.

This should be self explanatory. If it isn’t, I question your commitment to Earth science.

-NYC Native

I know there’s only like five of us left, but yeah, I was born here.

-Design Professional

Interior architecture, product and industrial design.  I am not a graphic designer despite my knowing my way around photoshop (that’s why they give people degrees in GD, and I don’t have one, so can everyone stop endorsing me for it on Linkedin?) and I am emphatically not a web designer. I also believe the word “architect” means you design buildings, not web portals or network systems.

-INTJ Poster Child

Whether you believe Jungian archetypes are meaningful or not, this one really does describe me very, very well.  For more info:

Yes, I realize being female makes me a statistical rarity. I’ve been told.


For which I make no apologies. I DJ 3x a week and I have a monthly show on Nightbreed Radio.  I still love the Sisters of Mercy, and I listen to far too much Angels of Liberty and Pretentious, Moi.  I make no apologies for any of that, either.

Anything you’re likely to ask probably falls into one of those categories.

About the website name:

Working on eggs is an exercise in anger management. It requires a depth of focus that leaves no room for anger. Think of it as meditation with power tools.


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