So this is 2017.

I know I’ve  been quiet for an unusually long time. I got buried under commissions and orders (still am, actually) ,  I got sick twice over the holidays, and this winter has seen an incredible increase in migraine activity that kept me down more days than I was up. Im starting to dig myself out from under the backlog now, so I am trying to get back into making sure I update here more often.  I also need to switch the instagram feed to my eggrotech account rather than my personal one. I’ll get there.

In any case, this piece is done.  It’s not as lavender as it appears here (it’s a neutral grey. I’ll show you.)  but I needed a very bright light to show that the interior is purple.  This is roughly choker length to short necklace length.  Proper chokers are hard without an exact measurement and it’s rather it be a little too loose than too tight, obviously.


Quail egg choker – SOLD.


Here’s an image showing the color in natural light and scale.




It’s a quail egg, so it’s about the size of a large acorn or a small walnut.

It’s all boxed and ready to go to its new home, and should go out Monday.  I also have another piece done, which was also a commission, but I have to edit the images first.  Should be ready by tomorrow.  I am STILL working on that Borderlands 2 egg (which is just very complicated, though Im on the last bit now.)

Hope everyone has had a great new year so far!  More soon.




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