Into the Borderlands.

So this month I have two things to do.:  1. Make some eggs for the world’s tiniest craft show in December (Im already regretting agreeing to do this.) 2. a commission for an egg based on Borderlands 2, a game that to the surprise of precisely no one reading this, I know less than nothing about.

  1.  the challenge is that I have no idea what to make.  I just have no real feel for what people might want at one of these things.  This is a problem considering how little time I have to make about another 10 of them.

2.  This thing is going to take me forever to paint.  It’s out of the bleach  now, but I have a lot of painting ahead of me  I’ll post some photos after it’s dyed since right now it just doesn’t look like it makes much sense.

Meantime, please go buy stuff!  The etsy store is right here. . Id really appreciate it.


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