Inspiration whilst contemplating my slippers.

Before I get into this post, I just wanted to thank everyone for their wishes on my oral surgery.  The truth is this was easily the best dental experience of my life.  Why? Because they knocked me out.   I had an appointment at 10am, they took me at 11am, and I was home, with my drugs from my pharmacy cross town, by 2.

My recovery pain can be described as a 1 on a scale from 1-10.  I took one percoset after the novocaine wore off, right after I got home and had to eat.  I took 2 ibuprofen in the first  24 hours, and since then no pain killers whatsoever. Nothing. I haven’t needed them at all.   I had three teeth pulled- two wisdom teeth and a secondary molar. All on the same side of my mouth.  I have no swelling, no trauma, no horrible memories, no nothing.  They put me out, which got me out of their way, so they could just do their job without having to worry about how anxious I was, and as a result I have no horrible after effects. In fact I ate normal (not crunchy, but normal) food this morning.  No pain, though I did eat slowly and kept the food away from that side as much as I could.

So, if you need oral surgery? Tell them to knock you out.  Trust me.  It’s an *entirely* different experience.

So, about my slippers.  For weeks now, I’ve been struggling with a display solution for the eggs to be used at a show in December. I had a specific vision for how I want the end result to look but it was going to require a custom solution – one I was struggling to obtain.  Either the custom foam places *couldn’t* do it, or they couldn’t do it in a small enough quantity to make the idea viable. I had pretty much decided I was going to have to abandon the idea and go with my second choice. I wasn’t really thrilled about it, because the second idea had issues that the first one didn’t, but there’s only so much I can do. After all I am all about trashing ideas that just won’t work.

The thing I was originally looking for was this:


You’d think this was simple, but it’s not.  Sure, I can get hollow cylindrical bits of foam, but what was problematic was the sizing.  I needed a 1.5″ hole in the middle, and I needed the foam pillar to be no less than 5″ in diameter, and preferably 6″.  People were suggesting things like pool noodles and foam grips, but it quickly began to become frustrating, as the dimensions are specific and both of them actually matter- the center hole has to be enough to hold an egg without allowing it to fall through, and the overall diameter has to be wide enough to create a pillar that will hold up not only under the weight of the egg itself, but be wide enough to be stable on a table without being easily toppled over.  In the end, I was thinking I was going to need to abandon the idea, because I couldn’t find what I needed in the quantity I needed. (One place would do it if I ordered 72′, but I only need about 12′, cut into varying lengths.  I was really not happy about any of this, as displaying the eggs is not only important, but keeping the eggs safe in a place not entirely under my control is one of the very reasons I don’t do shows in the first place.

I also have the chance to vend at the Bronx House Holiday Market.  Im considering it, but I may hold off this year just to see how this other show does.  I am really not comfortable doing shows at all – even doing one is a big thing for me, so i don’t know how I feel committing to doing two.

But I’ll think about it (and if you think I really should do it, especially if you’ll go and buy things, let me know.)

But about my slippers.



Now truth be told I don’t like this style of slipper as they tend to fall right off my feet. I like the ones that go all the way around.  But what I do like about these is that they’re made of memory foam. It doesn’t solve the fact that I walk out of them, but it does make it happen a little less often.  I was wearing these downstairs as I was doing the laundry, and I was contemplating the wonder that is memory foam.  And as I’m shuffling along, I realize…I don’t actually NEED a hole in the center of the pillar.  What I need is memory foam.  All I have to do is prep the foam so that a weighted object of the right diameter leaves an impression in the foam that will hold the egg in place.

That just made my search a lot easier. Because getting a 6″ foam cylinder cut into varying lengths is WAY simpler than getting one with a hole in the middle.  The only question now is if I can get it in a  color I can live with.  Painting memory foam is problematic because it’s so dense. You can’t  really paint it.  However I might be able to find it in grey, or barring  that, dye it in whatever color I like. Sadly, I don’t sew, so making 25 custom covers for varying lengths is not in the cards, though I may be able to cover just the sides and leave the top, as long as it was dyed a coordinating color.  But I think I’ve found my solution there.  All because of the wonders of memory foam.





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