So I have oral surgery tomorrow. I have no idea how I’ll be feeling afterward, so I wanted to do my level best to get this egg finished before I got drugged to the gills.  I didn’t think it would actually happen, but the stand came together more quickly than I imagined.  Though my original intent was to add beads and sequins, once I got all the leafing done, it just seemed like overkill and that the leafing by itself would be plenty. So it’s finally done. Honestly it went pretty quickly. I think it was a little less than 3 weeks, including a lot of drying time.


Fortunata – Not for sale.

This is the most elaborate egg I’ve made to date.  It has carving, sculpture, beads, bells, sequins, paint, dye leafing.   It’s a rather large jumbo egg (I chose it for the shape) with a charcoal/black interior with a bit of gold lustre dust (not really all that intentional, but it looks cool.) The leaf is composite, so it has a lot of colors in it, but obviously mostly gold. The exposed egg surface is finished in a dead matte varnish.  All the bells are 4mm anklet bells.   I have photos from all angles as usual, but if you have any questions on how it was made, please just ask!


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This egg already has a home and will be headed down south, but if you want one like it, or even like something else, just fill out an order form, or for something already done, head over to the etsy shop.  I’d love to come back from my surgery to some new orders, so have a look.

Next up, how I solved my foam problem because, slippers. I swear, that makes sense eventually. See everyone Friday. 🙂



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