Halloween is coming.


I’ve been working on so much stuff that I haven’t really posted here. I know I’m entirely terrible at media and promotion. That’s not news. However, I am good at makin stuff.  I just finished these two skull egglaces (these two are sold, but I make them to order.)   If you want one before Halloween though I really suggest ordering no later than October 7 as they take some time to sculpt up.

For those worried about fragility, these eggs have been coated in epoxy putty during the sculpting process on all sides.  The only parts left untouched are the ones that are carved away later.  So they’re much less fragile than you’d imagine. The eggs themselves have a very pale mottle to the finish (it’s not visible unless you’re looking very closely) but they are a natural product mimicking another one so that’s to be expected.  I realize there’s no scale here, but these skulls are quite small- about the size of a grape tomato.  They are smaller than a walnut, and the beads are the size of poppy seeds.

Im also working on some *serious* next level stuff that I’ll be showing everyone in a few days.  In addition, Im looking into doing a show in December, if I can figure out a good display solution (custom cut foam solutions are not as easy to obtain as you imagine.)

In the meantime, get yourself an egglace!



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