Dolphin Dreams


Dolphin Dreams – SOLD


A few weeks ago I was asked if I could do another sports themed egg.  Different sport this time, and a slightly different kind of design.  What I was asked to make as a birthday gift for someone’s mom was an egg featuring a specific version of the Miami Dolphins logo, along with an entire beaded section on the back for Dan Marino’s number (along with a lightly customized base.)

The Dolphins have changed their logo a few times. The one they’re using these days is much more graphically simplified than the one I was asked about.  The biggest hassle with this was painting the tiny little orange rays around the “sun” on the front side.  Since the dolphin itself bisects the circle, the carved part isn’t creating a peninsula, and is therefore much more structurally sound than some of the previous things I’ve been asked to carve.  I basically carved the negative space between the “sun” and the dolphin out and left the interior white as it would be on a 2d surface.

But that meant that carving the back side was not going to be a good idea, as that visual trick relies on a solid color on the inside of the egg.  In this case, part of it would be a solid surface and part would be missing.  So a choice had to be made as to which side of the egg would get carved and which would be left whole.  It was eventually decided to bead the entire back side of the egg instead.

There are some unavoidable problems with this, and they’re worth mentioning. First of all, even if beads are technically all the same size… they’re not all the same size.  In most circumstances that’s not meaningful, but at this scale those differences matter, and they can throw off an entire design.  Some of the “blank spots” were filled in with modeling compound and a little paint and glue, but it’s an imperfect solution (though not immediately visible at normal viewing distances. Because of these small differences, the 3 is actually one row shorter on top than it is on the bottom- again, not really meaningful and you don’t easily notice unless you know it’s there. If I had extended it up one more row, it would have been taller than the 1, and keeping the numbers of uniform size was important. At the same time, raising the height of the 1 one more row throws it off in relation to the “point” on the 1, which by that time was already set in glue and dry.  So this was the compromise position.

The other inherent issue is that it makes one side of the egg much heavier than the other side. This doesn’t matter much in terms of creating it, but it’s important when it’s displayed that it’s set properly in the stand so it doesn’t slip.  In fact, a tiny piece of non-skid rubber (like a bit of one of those rubber “jar openers”) placed IN the stand wouldn’t be a bad idea either so it doesn’t slide.

Although I did take my usual six shots of this one, the sides. top and bottom are all just a plain, uncarved orange, so I’ll just show the back unless someone really wants to see the rest of it . (let me know.)


It’s good to know that all of these beads are REALLY TINY and were placed by hand with tweezers, a toothpick and a needle and thread.

If you want to commission an egg of your own, just go here and do that! (please. do that.) and there’s 11 eggs on the etsy store you can get right now, too (buy those!)

This clears my commission plate, so send some my way!


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