When good things go wrong.

One of the things I try to teach people about designing anything is that you cant allow yourself to become so close to an idea that you can’t toss it if it just doesn’t work.  So here’s an example, and it shows why you have to just be able to rip it out and do it again.


Im halfway through another sports themed egg.  The front is already done, but the back is a big beaded section with a number on it. I spent 13 full hours on it yesterday and finally got it to here:



Looks fine, right?  Yeah I thought so too, until I looked at it from some other angles.


My first sign something was wrong was looking at it from the bottom.  It’s off center.  Notice how the design on the bottom part of the egg is offset from that on the top by about 5 degrees. Instead of the lowest row being straight up from the hole, it’s offset to the left. Well, maybe it’s not that noticeable, right? Let’s check the sides.



Uh oh.  That’s a problem.  Im almost afraid to look at the top.



Oh, ew.

By this point all I wanted was to go to sleep.  Two people assured me it wasnt worth fixing.  I was in bed for ten minutes already, half awake and not wanting to throw away a full day of work.

I got up, went back to it, pulled off every last bead, and went to bed.

This morning, I redrew the back side, repainting the frame position and redrawing the numbers.

This is the top view now.




It isn’t precisely perfect, but with beads on it won’t matter. it will still line up perfectly.  the numbers are centered now, too.


So I lost 13 hours of work, but when this one is done, it will be right.  Do the work do it right, and do it again if you have to.  Always. It will show in the finished product.

As for me, back to the beads.


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