Branching out.

So a couple weeks ago i was working on another skull egg.  I was making it a bit more three dimensional than my previous ones, more sculptural and less like the calaveras I’ve done in the past. At some point I started wondering if people would like a more functional product to come out of the eggs. so I decided to see if I could work out how to make the skull into a necklace.

This was the result:

So obviously this one is a bit large (it’s a jumbo egg.), which doesn’t bother me, but might be too big for some people to feel comfortable wearing.  I wore it out to a concert on Saturday night, and it didn’t survive the night, but not because of a construction or design flaw- it was that I got a bear hug from Scott Fox, the frontman for iVardensphere, and the egg got crushed against my chest.   However, the front part where the skull is was (and is) still entirely intact, which tells me what I need to do to reinforce the back side so that it will be largely crushproof. However, just to be safe, I don’t guarantee safety against bear hugs from Canadian industrial musicians. Just so we’re clear.

Really, it was worth losing the necklace, but it was super instructive as to how the back needs to be reinforced in order to hold the necklace together.

Since I did manage to get it to work, Im offering the skull necklaces for sale on a custom order basis. starting at a base price of $50.  They do have a lot of potential options to them so they need their own order form.  As of right now Im just going to offer them here, and I’ll get to figuring out how to do them through etsy in a bit. (ETA: I have them up on Etsy also.) All you have to do is fill out this form, and I’ll email you with any questions and you can pay for them through paypal. I have fi ve sizes of egg available, and you get your choice of wire, fittings, bead and interior egg colors as well.

I really hope (more than you know) a bunch of people will snatch these up. They really do look great and each one is hand made.


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