Pulse Egg Update (and other stuff.)

pulseegg 2b

A Pulse of Memory sold officially on Sunday morning.  As the sale was through ebay, they will automatically give 100% of the proceeds to Equality Florida as soon as they release the funds. It was bought by someone in the UK, and it ships out tomorrow, provided my post office doesn’t screw up the pickup.

I want to thank everyone who boosted this, retweeted, regrammed, posted about, whatevered to try to get people to see this.  Over this past weekend, which was Pride weekend in many locations, including NYC and London, it was retweeted most kindly by Sam Barnett, who plays Renfield on Penny Dreadful.



(also he seems a very, very nice person.  So thank you again! So kind of you.)

I know the news is fixated right now on other things, but those folks in FL still do need help, so thank you to everyone who participated in this (especially the winner!)

I’ve been working on a sculpted egg since this egg finished, but Im going to start working on another Dune egg at the same time, because sculpted eggs take longer than just carving alone. But in the interests of showing progress, this is the sculpted one I have in process now:




Obviously it has a ways to go, but the sculpted bits will be really good for keeping the egg stable under carving stress. The back side has roses on it. But I think Im going to whip up another Dune egg real quick so it’s ready for the weekend.

As always, feel free to go check out the egglery and the etsy store, and buy things!  All the things!




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