Giedi Prime.

giedi prime 4a

My Dune series got interrupted with the Pulse egg, WHICH IS STILL UP FOR AUCTION, GO BID ON IT AND HELP PEOPLE, but now that the auction is humming along, I was able to finish this one.

The interior is black, which I very rarely do, as black interiors make the egg inherently more fragile so there’s more risk of breakage whilst working on it.  The exterior is a low sheen (not quite dead matte) black with veining and carving accents in reds and oranges, covered with a red-orange sparkly shimmer in semigloss.

The cost on this one is $100USD and it comes with the stand as shown.

There’s a lot of planets in the duniverse, and I may do another one next or switch to something else.  I had an idea for a Penny Dreadful egg, but I’ll be honest, I am so very, very angry at the fiasco that was the “season finale” (which wasn’t a season finale at all.) that I don’t think I can do that one now.

I want to work on a phoenix one Ive had in my head for ages, but it’s very complex and will be beaded.  I have a lot of beaded ones in the shop right now as is, so Im holding off until some of those make room.

I have 24 hours from when I blow the next batch of eggs out to decide. 🙂







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