It’s a small, small world (that I am never revisiting. Seriously.)

castle egg 1a

Back in December, my father asked if I could make this egg.  This one, right up here, for an immediate family member who happens to work for the House of Mouse. I have never been so relieved to hear that an egg reached its destination safely, because I am not painting this again.

It took somewhere between 250-300 hours to finish. Just getting the following disclaimers out of the way:

  1. No, it is not for sale.
  2. No, I will not make you one.
  3. I am happy to make fairy tale castle themed eggs generally, but I am never, ever again painting THIS castle. I mean it.  As I said, this was done at the request of my father for an immediate family member who works for the Mouse.  It wasn’t made as a sale item.

There are fourteen visible characters in front of the castle.  That isn’t a typo.  Fourteen. It would have been sixteen but the mice got nixed by request. Interestingly, the stand took me about 36 hours, and was made custom. All of the rest of the time was painting the egg, as there’s maybe a half hour’s worth of carving on the back.

This is the second round of this one- the first one had a weird perspective issue once I carved it so I ditched it and started over. That one isn’t included in that painting time estimate, either.  It’s much smaller than you think it is. It’s a jumbo chicken egg, and at max height is about 2.25″.  Each side is about 2″ across.

But I learned a ton doing it. Primarily, that I have to change my commission scale when working from a photo.  When I originally made my commission rates, no one had ever *asked* me to paint from a photo before- I didn’t think about it. But it takes me orders of magnitude longer to do them that way, WAY more than the commission scale will allow.  I worked on this for a solid month, roughly 10 hours a day, to the exclusion of all else. I am so, so tired.

Most of the painting was done with a 10/0 brush.  Just so people understand the scale of that, here’s a handy reference.


And believe it or not, there were many times it was too big for what I was doing.

I do have other angles on this one, though. I know normally I have a top and bottom photo too but none of them came out very well (bad angles, mostly.)   You can click on them to make them larger.


I’m now working on finishing the portrait work on the egg from the last post.  Which is also super hard, since it’s from a photo.  But at least it’s not fourteen characters.






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