Almost done.

If you’ve been following my instagram, you have been subjected to about a zillion process photos of the next egg, but it’s almost done now. Actually, the egg itself is done- Im just waiting on supplies to make the stand, which should be here by Friday, so I figure a stand should appear by Mondayish.

I’d been asked to make a Breaking Bad themed egg, which was somewhat of an adventure as I’ve never seen the show (yes,. I know it’s a good show. I just don’t have a lot of time to actually watch anything and I use that time for Penny Dreadful, Face Off, Archer, Bob’s Burgers and Venture Bros. most of the time.)

But I asked a lot of questions, and got a lot of reference images to help me out.  In the process I learned how to do portraits of pretty much anyone in this same style. In a large scale it looks like a graphic design poster but at this size it looks much more realistic.

This was SO much faster than the Jeter egg because I painted ONE person in the same space I painted 20.  This took me my normal speed of about a week. So here’s some process images.  As I said, the egg is basically done, but it won’t be “finished” til the custom stand gets built for it.



That portrait,btw, is 1.5″x 1.25″. It looks better in person. Photos never do them justice, but this one especially.

While I wait for the stand supplies to arrive, Im going to begin work on three other eggs (yes, at once) and bounce between them.  Yes, I can do that, yes, I can take your commission too.  Or just buy one already made from the esty store!

But expect 3 new eggs (plus the end of this one) shortly. Each one is themed wildly differently than the others, so there should be something for everyone.



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