Double fisted.

I’m currently working on two eggs at once.

When the NYY egg arrived at its destination, the person who ordered it ordered another one in the space of 5 minutes.  It’s got the same format as the one before, with a different front and back image.  I got to work on it right away, and as of now I’ve got it about 25% carved out, as well as gotten the stand painted (you can see it on the right.)  It matches the first one as well.


At the same time, I have a totally different commission (and if you want one in time for the holidays, order yours by December 5!) , which is going to look like an abstracted giraffe.  I’m about halfway done carving that one up now, but so far, its held together pretty well.



The teeny stand makes it look way larger than it is. It’s only a jumbo chicken egg on a very small stand.

The green stuff is literally, “green stuff”.  It’s the liquid version of a 2 part epoxy modeling medium.  I painted it on the little bridge pieces to help keep them stable during carving, as Im removing a LOT of material from a very, very thinly shelled egg.

After the egg is bleached I can just paint over the green with white once again and you won’t know it’s there. But it makes this kind of carving possible.  When you remove this much material, with such thin little bits holding it together (none of them are larger than 1/16″) the vibration from the carving tool will shatter those little connector pieces without additional support.

I expect the giraffe egg to be ready for bleaching on Monday and the NYY egg to be ready on Tuesday.

As always, I have a bunch of eggs that are ready to ship on the etsy store, if you want to grab one that’s already done.  I can guarantee you’ll get it by Christmas if you order it by December 10.  For custom orders, I need the order by December 5.

More soon!



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