I interrupt the normal flow of things for an emergency broadcast.

Last night, the tour van belonging to God Module and Die Sektor was broken into after a show in California. They lost 10KUSD worth of equipment and personal items. There’s a gofundme here:


These are genuinely nice guys who totally did not need this. However, for all you egg fans….

I am putting up a sugar skull egg, all proceeds (not including shipping) to go to help them buy new stuff.  If you want the one I already have, that’s fine also.  I’ll happily give that one up and send the $150 to Jasyn and the gang.  If you want one custom colored or themed, I’ll do that too, for the same price.

Beaded/and sculpted ones are $250 as always, and again all proceeds will go directly to help the bands get their stuff back.

Just go to the COMMISSION AN EGG page and fill that out- just indicate you’re doing it for the fundraiser, and I’ll take care of it.

Because this is a fundraiser the skull sale prices don’t apply here. Im sorry- I am willing to take a sale price if the money is going to me, but I want them to get the full amount.  This is an emergency.





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