Calavera - AVAILABLE - see "what's available" for details.

I finally got a skull to stay together. Hallelujah. To be fair, this design worked on the second try. The secret is to carve the mouth last.  Once the mouth is in, you can’t really do anything else to it- it will shatter. I was originally nervous that the egg wasn’t round enough to make this work but it worked out fine.

Here’s the rest of it:

It’s available, btw- it’s not a commission. if you want it just go over to the page here.

Speaking of, btw, since people like the skulls so much, I’ll also soon be offering carved and sealed, but unpainted skulls, as well as skull ornaments, in time for both Halloween and Gothmas.

“Wait. What?” 

Yep.  This year for gothmas I’ll have skull ornaments for your tree.  The thing is though I can’t add a lot of sculpts to them- they’re just too heavy once the sculpts go on them to make effective tree ornaments. Unlike heavy, but plastic, if these fall off the tree, it’s over. So if you want sculpts on it, they have to be minimal. I’ll have a selection available for everyone.  I’ll have more information about that in a couple days.

Of course you can have regular Xmas ornaments too, but the same rule applies- minimal sculpts, if it’s going on a tree.  Seriously, they just get too heavy to be stable if I have to apply a lot of green stuff.  But if you want something heavy I can happily pop it in a stand or a base for you.

I should have halloween/gothmas info available within 48 hours. As usual I have to do the post-egg catch up before I start up again.


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