Headed to New Orleans…

Well, not me. But this egg is. It’s finally done. (also, it was a commission so it’s already sold. But if you want one, just ask.)

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans - SOLD

Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans – SOLD

There’s a ton of process photos on my instagram, if you want to see how this one was built.  But here’s the relevant details.  This is an extra-large chicken egg.  It’s about 2 1/4″ high, not including the base.  The interior is gold glitter, courtesy of lustre dust. I know the glitter doesnt show up in this photo but I promise, it’s there.  There’s four kinds of beads on the egg itself, and sculpted beads as well. The headgear is made of sequins (obviously.) The base is not attached to the egg, so you can remove the egg if you like, however the beaded strands on the base are permanently affixed.  The green beads on the base are Austrian crystals (the gold beads are imported as well, though I can’t recall from where) but the purple ones aren’t fancy, though they look real cool.

I have shots of it from all angles as usual:

The sculpted beads are finished with a pearlescent metallic finish.Whew. Glad it’s finally done!  I have some other work I have to finish but I’ll be able to start a new egg in about 2 days! Maybe I can get a skull done. We’ll see.  But hey, there’s still several eggs available over at the etsy store (hey buy one! I pay rent that way!) and if you want a commission, get in touch with me over at eggrotechNYC@gmail.com.

See you next time!


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