The shape of things to come.

IMAG0673   So now that the little tentacle beast is out of the way, it’s time to start working on some new eggs. At the time I blew these out, they were the last two eggs in the house.   So I didn’t really get to choose their shapes very well (not every egg around here gets hollowed out, and I definitely pick which eggs to just crack like normal based on their lack of carving qualities.) These two are kind of long.  The one on the left a little less so, but both of them are a bit long in the z axis, which makes them a poor shape for a bunch of different ideas. After they were clean and dry, I grid sketched the one on the right and stared at it for a good half an hour trying to figure out what to do with it.  It’s a terrible shape for a skull, which was my plan (I am having problems carving those skull eggs- once the mouth goes in their stability goes to complete hell)  The other concepts I had floating around my head weren’t really suited to that shape either.  After about an hour of coming up blank on what to do with that shape, I went to bed.

I’ve mentioned previously that I watch entirely too much Face Off.  I’ve been listening to it constantly in the background for the past two weeks solid, and it’s one of the very few shows I watch religiously.  Though I’m a fair sculptor, my lack of interest in the film industry (I’m really not a movie and tv person)  means I don’t have any desire to be on the show myself, but I do think it’s completely compelling as a design exercise.  I watch this show so much I dream about it.  Seriously, I really do.  But weird as that might sound it does make me think more laterally and openly about my own design process in creating these ridiculous little eggs.


The very first challenge ever on Face Off was a little foundation challenge where the contestants had to use objects from the room they were in (a party in a hotel) to create their work. Well, to be fair I do that all the time, and my house is mostly like an art supply store.  But I spend way more time here in my tiny little corner that I laughably call a “studio” than I do outside.  So, what I swapped the challenge to myself and wondered what I could create with stuff I found outside.   Once I did that I got a concept almost immediately, and it was one that allowed that long shape of the eggs to be a benefit and not a problem.

I sketched it up quickly before it got away from me, which is a new part of my process. I always sketch for other products – furniture, jewelry, even clothing, I sketch.  But I had never sketched an egg design until the tentacle egg I just completed.  I’m not sure why I never did- the ideas just popped in my head and I’d explore it as I went. What I found though was  that it really helped me keep on track throughout the project development.

So I’ll be going outside in a little bit to get the couple things I need.  It also looks like I have to head back down to the bead store for two new colors. Since both these eggs are a little long, if I lose one it’s not the end of the world, and with this design it’s entirely possible it will take more than one try (there’s a lot of carving on this one) and if I can make it work it will be really magical looking.



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