Beads that last forever.

I know I haven’t updated in a few days.  That’s because I’ve done nothing but add one bead at a time to the back of an egg with a pair of tweezers and a toothpick.  I did the back side of One Froggy Evening first.  But it took days, due to how all the beads were placed.  These beads are a mix of 15/0 and 13/0 and are silver, black and a purple and blue violet duochrome mix, with an occasional shot of a lilac/teal duo. This shot from my camera turns all of it blue, but it’s rather definitely purple.  The egg itself has a teal interior, a black base, and purple, teal, silver, and teal iridescent flash.  But I still have to do the whole other side, which I REALLY hope goes a little faster, since this egg is a commission and I’d like to get it out of here.




2 thoughts on “Beads that last forever.

    • Thank you. Im hoping to have the front side done in the next couple days. There’s actually more beads on the front, but their arrangement makes the process go more quickly.

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