Summer shells.

One of the weird fun facts you learn about eggs when you work with them is that not all seasons are created equal.  Egg shells are thinner in warm weather, and so you get way more breakage when carving in summer months.

I’ve broken five eggs in the past three days, four of them just today.

IMAG0575 IMAG0571

These are two different eggs.  In the end I did get one to hang together long enough to put it into the bleach. I’ll see how well it does once it gets out.

Unfortunately, one of the skull eggs went under as well.


I can remake this one though. I just blew out two more egg blanks so I can work on it tomorrow.  It is very frustrating, though. I was out with a *really* bad migraine for two days, so to lose so many eggs the first day I could get back to it was upsetting.

In other news, I just ordered some cool stickers for packaging purposes and I have new logos and such courtesy of Cruel Britannia <3.  The stickers will be a few weeks before they arrive, though.  They are nifty, though.

I’ll be working on a DIY light box for photography purposes starting tonight.  Should be a fun project.  I never like how my photos come out so hopefully this will help.


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