Busy, busy, busy.

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Everyday is Halloween - not for sale.

Everyday is Halloween – not for sale.


Ive been cranking out a lot of new stuff lately, so fast that I haven’t done many process posts.  The beads finally came in for Here Be Dragons, so I spent most of the weekend on that. It took about 20 hours of beading time. What’s hard to tell is that the average size of the beads is a poppy seed, and each has to be applied by hand individually.  But the results are worth it, even though it makes the egg strangely bottom heavy in the end.

I also finished up Everyday is Halloween. It isn’t for sale, but if you want a similar one, just ask me.

I managed to finish up one of the two skull eggs I had designed.  This one had a flaw in it that I repaired so it’s not visible, but I decided not to bother beading it and let it go at a steep discount due to the flaw (it may be fixed, but the discount was honest.) It sold very quickly, as I expected.  The other one will be coming soon, but first I have to work out a second attempt (the first one broke) on a commission I’m tentatively calling “One Froggy Evening” (and thank you, Chuck Jones.) The second skull will get done after that, but I need to clear this commission first.  The etsy store opened as well, though it’s not really any different than here. People seem to like the convenience of it, though.  I’ll be headed back to the bead store on Monday to grab some stuff for a totally different project, but that won’t get going until after the frog egg is done, either.



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