Lots of new work.

I’ve been busy.

This one needs beads.  Beads haven’t arrived yet.  But they’re coming.   It will be called Here Be Dragons when it’s done.  Soon as the beads show up, I’ll finish it up.

I started working on another one in the meantime:

which became this:

This one isn’t quite finished either.  The moon bit needed glow in the dark paint, which is drying now.  In any case this one is called Everyday is Halloween (and it’s not for sale.)  If you want one that’s similar, drop me an email about it, but this specific one is not up for grabs.

While that’s drying, I’m now working on these:


The one on the left (the one that’s been carved and bleached already) will be available at a discount. It has a flaw in it that Ive repaired and probably won’t be visible, but still.  I should get the other one carved out today.

Want one? Let me know!



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