Back at it.


After I lost a full week to being so sick (at *exactly* the wrong time of year.) I had to frantically try to make up the week I missed to prepare for World Goth Fair, which opened on the 15th. I made it with ten minutes before my deadline, but I made it.  The first week of WGF leading in to World Goth Day is brutal, and after WGD was over, I took a couple days to catch up on sleep.  But I started remaking that Shake Your Lovemaker egg this morning.  In addition, I started two others as well.



This one has a working title (which will likely change as usual) of The Corseted Woman.   I’ll see how it goes.


The third one I drew out but haven’t started carving yet. I’ll start in on it tomorrow. I was getting a little too tired to be carving.



Im not sure where this one is going yet. I’ll see how it goes. But in any case, egg production is back in full force again.


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