Repetition reinforces learning.

I am often asked “But don’t they break?” 

They do break.    Sometimes the same design breaks repeatedly.  There gets to be a point where you realize it’s not your hands and it’s not the egg, it’s the design.  Some designs simply refuse to materialize in one piece no matter how often you make the attempt.

Since the new year I’ve been struggling with the same egg.  I’m now on attempt #6.  I”ve figured out that “it’s the design, stupid.” and will be modifying it for this time out.    As a design exercise, this is great.  As an artistic exercise, it is to be expected. However, as someone who would just like to pay the damned phone bill, it’s very frustrating.

I admit, attempt #5 was pretty impressive in terms of the precision in which it broke. this photo is not staged- this happened the very moment I set the egg down.


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